1.0 Arrival

When the ship went down, I never imagined I would survive. I know I should be grateful to have my life, but what do I do now? What if I am trapped here in this beautiful, empty place until I waste away?

And Terrence…. Oh, Terrence.


The pictures seem to speak for the story. I’m going to try this minimalist style for a while and see if it works.

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0.0 Welcome to Waypoint

Because I am insane, I am starting a third Sims 3 challenge blog. Welcome to Waypoint, a place for sims to stop on their way to a better life.

This one is a Nothing is Free challenge combined with a Six Degrees of Separation story. Details are in the About page for the curious.

One thing to note is that succession is not determined by genetics, so it’s technically not a legacy. Households are actually going to switch with each passing of the torch. That also means that I’m going to have very little control over the traits of my patrons, though I can choose an heir I want to play, and I reserve the right to use the Midlife Crisis reward. I don’t expect this challenge to have any polls other than silly random ones.

Our foundress is my simself, Echo Weaver.


It’s about time she got a chance to have a story of her own. Her lives have been pretty unhappy in every game I’ve dropped her. I think Twallan’s StoryProgression really has it in for Hopeless Romantics.

Her traits will be tweaked to suit the environment. It doesn’t, for example, make a whole lot of sense for a sim to have Computer Whiz on a desert island with no electricity.

I expect this to be a fairly slow-moving blog because I have two other sims challenge blogs, and there’s only so much time to play and blog for normal humans who need to sleep. Clearly I need to become a vampire. Or an alien.

This challenge kicks off approximately with the release of Island Paradise, so watch this spot for more excitement!

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