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Apologies for the Whiplash

If you tried to load my venerable Blogspot blog and found yourself here, apologies for the confusion. Over the last…. year? Maybe? It might not be that long… my Sims blogging friends have been referencing comments they left on my blog that I’d never seen. Then I started getting a handful of test comments of … Continue reading »

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I’m not dead!

Sorry this challenge has gone without an update in so long! This is entirely my fault — I got into a quagmire of pictures that I was trying to sort into something that made sense. Then I got really fired up about my long-running Pinstar legacy, the Samples, and played almost a generation there. There … Continue reading »

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0.0 Welcome to Waypoint

Because I am insane, I am starting a third Sims 3 challenge blog. Welcome to Waypoint, a place for sims to stop on their way to a better life. This one is a Nothing is Free challenge combined with a Six Degrees of Separation story. Details are in the About page for the curious. One … Continue reading »

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