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Author Archives: Echo Weaver

Apologies for the Whiplash

If you tried to load my venerable Blogspot blog and found yourself here, apologies for the confusion. Over the last…. year? Maybe? It might not be that long… my Sims blogging friends have been referencing comments they left on my blog that I’d never seen. Then I started getting a handful of test comments of … Continue reading »

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1.18 Life for the Moment

Everyone helps with Wesley. It means a lot to me. Even Roselyn, though she doesn’t talk about it much. There’s a look of such longing in her eyes when she looks at him. I’m getting a lot more sleep than I expected to. Our little tame puppy grew into an amazing dog. We had one … Continue reading »

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1.17 More Beginnings

Here’s the terrifying part. Forget pain reduction. We’re on our own if something goes wrong. I’m on my own. Jesse knows some military field medicine, and I’m grateful for that, but it isn’t going to help if things go badly wrong. Plus, he’s so freaked out, I’m not sure he remembers his own name. I’d … Continue reading »

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1.16 Unconditional

I can’t say my pregnancy was a huge surprise. Of course, I couldn’t have known when it would happen, but Jesse and I haven’t exactly been taking precautions. Still, I broke the news to him with no idea how he would react. Wow. I guess he’s happy about it. I’m not sure, but I think … Continue reading »

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1.15 Simple Gifts

Now that Samuel is more comfortable in our camp, he has started exploring all over the island by himself. He made one really startling discovery. People must have lived here at some time, long ago. Perhaps prospectors? The structure could is clearly decades old and might even be as old as a century. What it … Continue reading »

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1.14 Another Try

Night passed, and the morning dawned foggy and gray. Still Roselyn hasn’t returned. I started to worry about her. Sure, we hadn’t SEEN anything terribly dangerous on this island, but that didn’t mean a young girl out alone wouldn’t find something. Or fallen from a cliff in the dark. I didn’t say anything to Timi … Continue reading »

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1.13 Mean Girl

When Timi recovered, he couldn’t stop talking about what he’d seen. A merman! A real merman! At least, that’s what he said. I didn’t know what to think. He’d been in pretty bad shape when he dragged into the camp. He could have hallucinated it. But something went very wrong when he talked to the … Continue reading »

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1.12 Shark Bite

In spite of myself, I had to admit that I was happy. And maybe a little bit loopy. I think Timi has found something dangerous in his underwater salvage expeditions. He came home very late one night. His suit was torn and he was bleeding. I was so upset to see him that way that … Continue reading »

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1.11 Honeymoon

One thing that timid Roselyn was passionate about was gardening. She talked about it more than she actually helped, but she did dig around in the dirt and help me harvest. Our camp was getting to be pretty comfortable about food. That felt good. I could relax more and enjoy the beauty of living in … Continue reading »

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I’m not dead!

Sorry this challenge has gone without an update in so long! This is entirely my fault — I got into a quagmire of pictures that I was trying to sort into something that made sense. Then I got really fired up about my long-running Pinstar legacy, the Samples, and played almost a generation there. There … Continue reading »

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