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Monthly Archives: July 2013

1.3 Communication

Sometimes this kind of life isn’t too bad. When I don’t think about Terrance and the rest of my crew, I can get to enjoy it. Other times, I really miss my old life. Tropical rains are one of those times. The plus part is that the drenching as a sort of halfhearted shower. It … Continue reading »

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1.2 Habitation

I guess this piece of beach is my home. It’s getting to feel familiar. There are still crates of supplies from my ship washing ashore. Almost everything has a little something I can use. You do what you can to fill the time. Wait! Don’t leave! Let me talk to you! ———- I’ve done some … Continue reading »

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1.1 Necessary Steps

It didn’t take long to be sure that nobody was coming for me. I felt like I should be setting huge bonfires to burn all night, flashing mirrors during the day, shouting at the ocean. But I had to admit that, deep down, even if it worked I was terrified of who might find me. … Continue reading »

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1.0 Arrival

When the ship went down, I never imagined I would survive. I know I should be grateful to have my life, but what do I do now? What if I am trapped here in this beautiful, empty place until I waste away? And Terrence…. Oh, Terrence. ———- The pictures seem to speak for the story. … Continue reading »

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