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1.0 Arrival

Posted by on July 1, 2013

When the ship went down, I never imagined I would survive. I know I should be grateful to have my life, but what do I do now? What if I am trapped here in this beautiful, empty place until I waste away?

And Terrence…. Oh, Terrence.


The pictures seem to speak for the story. I’m going to try this minimalist style for a while and see if it works.

0 Responses to 1.0 Arrival

  1. HunkyJoon

    This was very moving and lovely! Love it!

  2. Susan Rati Lane

    Thanks!! This world is SO GORGEOUS, especially after I deleted out all the buildings and killed all the residents :).

  3. amhranai

    Oh wow, what a great introduction. I love how you only used little words to start the story with Echo. Please don't let us wait for the next chapter long, I need to know what exactly happens now! 🙂

  4. Susan Rati Lane

    Thanks! There just didn't seem to be a lot to say that the pictures didn't. Then I thought maybe I shouldn't try. If the pictures continue to speak for themselves, this will be an easy challenge to update!

  5. Susan Rati Lane

    And actually, having no words give the impression of silence, which is what Echo woke up to — only the sounds of ocean all around her.

  6. DragonWife

    Oh, I love how you did this! The pictures really do speak for themselves and it really emphasizes the desolation!

  7. amhranai

    Oh yes, I can really imagine that!

  8. bookabetlegacy

    Wow! Fantastic start Susan. I can really feel how lonely and scared she must feel. I can't wait to see how this goes.

    I forgot how beautiful Sunlit Tides is. Especially when you strip it bare. I must play there more often.

  9. Laura

    I keep finding more of your stories! I need more time to read them all…

  10. Susan Rati Lane


    I am insane. I have three Sims challenge blogs, so I think you've now found them all. This is my lowest-priority challenge, so it updates the slowest. I just did a bunch of playing during a surprise (unpaid, sadly) day off due to the Heartbleed SSL bug, but I am so far behind on the Wonderlands that it may be a bit before the new playtime makes it onto the blog.

    I try to keep the text on this one fairly sparse in hopes of making updates very quick when I have time. It mostly works.

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