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1.5 Refuge

Posted by on August 7, 2013

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to have a friend when you’ve gone without one for so long.

I’m supporting us primarily on forage. On an island like this, it’s all we need to keep us pretty comfortable.

One of the few possessions Adelle had with her was a notebook and pencil. She spends hours writing on it. I feel badly about leaving her alone for such a long time each day, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all.

In the evenings, we work on learning each other’s languages over fruits and vegetables roasted over the fire.

At night, we sleep side-by-side.

One night, I had a shocking wakeup call.

Adelle picked him up somewhere along the beach.

Where did he come from? Isn’t this supposed to be a deserted island?

We couldn’t fully understand each other, but he got across the most important part.

There’s a war on. These children are refugees.


Timi was the babysitter, who was inexplicably auto-called while Echo was away collecting and Adelle was home. I’m pretty sure children don’t need babysitters.

Adelle is an Athletic, Family Oriented Bookworm. Timi is a Brave Genius Computer Whiz (and something I forgot) — poor fellow. I doubt there will be computers in his lifetime. Fortunately, we now have someone Brave in case of fire.

0 Responses to 1.5 Refuge

  1. DragonWife

    Ooooh! The plot thickens! Is the war on the "deserted" island or are the refugees fleeing to it? That's an exciting way to introduce the population!

    If there are no buildings, how does Adele go to school? Or is that not homework that she's doing there?

  2. Susan Rati Lane

    Refugees are washing up on the island, sort of literally as ships are sunk. This is how Echo's ship was also sunk.

    Adelle isn't going to school. That's the "Scribbling Pad" custom object, which allows writing without a computer. She's already bringing in income as a writer.

  3. bookabetlegacy

    Hmmm … this is sure getting interesting. So many questions, not enough answers!! Adelle is lucky that she's found Echo, but it sounds like others aren't so lucky. Well done you 🙂

  4. amhranai

    Oh, even another sim has showed up now! I'm already intrigued to see who will be telling the story in the next degree, so I'm trying to absorb as much information about the characters as I can.

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