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1.8 Growing

Posted by on September 2, 2013

Timi has built himself a boat.

I’m as impressed as you are. We now share enough language to talk about simple things, but I’m still not clear if he has a nautical background or if he just figured it out on his own. It’s possible he built up the design from first principles. Even with the language barrier, I can tell he’s a lot smarter than I am. And I don’t want to toot my own horn, but let’s just say I’m no slouch myself. You have to have something in your head to finish as many years of school as I have.

Or wait, if you know what it’s like to be a graduate student, maybe my own intelligence isn’t that convincing.

Now he spends a lot of days exploring the sea around the island. It’s not a trustworthy enough craft for him to take on the open sea. So far, he’s found a lot more island, but no people.

I can’t let Adelle and Timi have all the fun.

I’ve been doing a lot of experiments with the local flora, and I’m starting to be able to weave and dye some passable fabric.

I think the foraging is the best part.

When I returned home one afternoon, I was met with a huge surprise.

Our little refugee camp has two more members:


and Rosalyn.

They washed up on the island sometime this week. They were so overjoyed to find other living souls that we ended up laughing and playing long into the night.

And Jesse…

I don’t think I’m ready for the way he looks at me, but I just can’t stay away.

We have a regular barracks now.

Rosalyn is a withdrawn girl who seems scared of her own shadow. And yet when she starts talking, it seems like she can’t stop. I can’t follow most of it, but it seems like all she really wants is someone to listen.

She clearly has a reverent appreciation for nature. When she’s not talking your ear off, she seems to find a friend in the island’s beauty.

Jesse is the kind of site manager we needed from the start. In only a day or two, he had the entire camp spotless and organized.

When he is not scouring and organizing, he spends his time drawing the sunset.

As the days passed, one thing became clear, though.

Adelle was becoming a young woman.


For the record, I had no intention of pairing Echo off with the first adult to join the household, but she and Jesse can’t stay away from each other.

0 Responses to 1.8 Growing

  1. amhranai

    Jesse is cute 🙂 and even though Echo is still hurt due to her presumable loss, she apparently needs somebody her age. It's nice to see that she found that (for now)!

  2. bookabetlegacy

    If Echo had to settle down with the first adult to join the household, she could do worse than Jesse. He's cute and he cleans! This merry band really do live in a stunning town, and it's all theirs … at the moment at any rate.

  3. DragonWife

    Nothing wrong with a little romance! Of course, I'm sure that Echo was just happy to have an adult to talk to at first. So far, everyone is getting along so well!

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