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1.10 Letting Go

Posted by on September 6, 2013

We really are starting to feel more like a family.

Rosalyn continues to worry me. Last night, she convinced herself there was a zombie underneath her bed trying to grab her and pull her under.

The effects were… dramatic. I was up with her half the night, trying to calm her down.

Timi’s still spending most of his daylight hours on the water.

Through some combination of lucky salvage and his usual superheroic ingenuity, he’s put together a mask and breathing system, and he’s been exploring the local reefs.

And me, well, I started wondering if I was really doing us any favors to keep Jesse at a distance. Who am I protecting? Me? Him? We don’t know how long we’ll be on this island. Maybe forever. We’re all we have.

We don’t talk about where we came from. I’m not sure why, but none of us do.

Jesse’s never hidden his interest in me. It feels good to be appreciated, but it’s also frightening.

And I knew that if I started to let him in, I wouldn’t be able to slow down.

After the first time, I just held on to him and cried. I was afraid he’d think it was something he’d done, but he seemed to understand. I guess it’s not such a big mystery in a refugee camp.

I miss Terrence so much, but I guess I’m ready to let go.


For some reason, EA only lets you dive in historic gear after you have level 10 in scuba. Let’s pretend that Timi doesn’t look like he just blew his savings in a dive shop.

Outtake: Damn photobombs.

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