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1.11 Honeymoon

Posted by on November 30, 2013

One thing that timid Roselyn was passionate about was gardening.

She talked about it more than she actually helped, but she did dig around in the dirt and help me harvest. Our camp was getting to be pretty comfortable about food. That felt good.

I could relax more and enjoy the beauty of living in untainted wilderness.

Jesse took over cooking. He was both good at it *and* he was very creative with the ingredients we had.

It started to feel like we were eating at a resort instead of a refugee camp.

And Jesse and I…. we took our own sort of honeymoon.

Timi was starting to find some really valuable stuff in old submerged pirate wrecks.

Roselyn grew older and began to look more like a woman.

She seemed to grow more confident.

And she also began contributing a lot more to the camp.


Sorry I took so long to get this up! I finally made myself sit down and sort through the tangled mess of pictures from the last several play sessions. I should have several posts out pretty quickly. Waypoint is about to come up again in my play rotation too, so there should be more to post about soon!

But in all fairness, “soon” could still be a couple of months. I have a big vacation coming up in a little over a week, and then the holidays hit :).

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