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1.11 Honeymoon

Posted by on November 30, 2013

One thing that timid Roselyn was passionate about was gardening.

She talked about it more than she actually helped, but she did dig around in the dirt and help me harvest. Our camp was getting to be pretty comfortable about food. That felt good.

I could relax more and enjoy the beauty of living in untainted wilderness.

Jesse took over cooking. He was both good at it *and* he was very creative with the ingredients we had.

It started to feel like we were eating at a resort instead of a refugee camp.

And Jesse and I…. we took our own sort of honeymoon.

Timi was starting to find some really valuable stuff in old submerged pirate wrecks.

Roselyn grew older and began to look more like a woman.

She seemed to grow more confident.

And she also began contributing a lot more to the camp.


Sorry I took so long to get this up! I finally made myself sit down and sort through the tangled mess of pictures from the last several play sessions. I should have several posts out pretty quickly. Waypoint is about to come up again in my play rotation too, so there should be more to post about soon!

But in all fairness, “soon” could still be a couple of months. I have a big vacation coming up in a little over a week, and then the holidays hit :).

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  1. illusorythrall

    Uh oh.. two teenage girls and one guy.. things can always get interesting there… 😉 I'm glad to see Echo and Jesse, but I do still have to wonder about Terrence.. will there ever be closure.. or will there be drama? That being said, I've managed to catch up on your blog very quickly (LOVE the pictures.. what world are you using??) .. and now I feel your pain about my "Spectres of the Past" story that has been sitting, unupdated, for so very long.. that and I'm really feeling the "burn" to find out more about Micah in my "Castaway Shores"… eeks.. which to do first?! (Oh, and a completely random SQWUEEE… horsies!!)

  2. Susan Rati Lane

    There's going to be some more news trickling in from the war and whatnot. Eventually the community has to make contact with the outside world. It's hard to imagine a town growing up in complete isolation.

    And I know, right?? It's pretty much impossible to keep a regular play/post rate on three challenges and have a life, but they're all so different and I love them all :).

  3. Susan Rati Lane

    BTW: I really loved both the world and your style of Spectres of the Past. I do hope you get back to it :). Though I just love NIFs and can't wait to see what you do there too.

  4. amhranai

    Oh, yay, another chapter! 🙂 I'm glad you found the time to post something here. There must be something happening with Terrence at some point, I can't imagine him being left out of it! Or maybe he will be one of the next sims to tell their own story? Who knows. Very intriguing! 🙂

    Obviously, I know exactly what you're talking about. 😉 Three challenges is a lot, and playing them enough is already a big challenge. Turning those pictures into chapters is even more demanding and requires more time than there actually is in a day. As long as you still get to posting once in a while, I'm happy, though. 😉

  5. illusorythrall

    I plan to add one or two .. maybe more chapters to Spectres this week. I have all the pictures and notes ready, I just have to write it up. I played a good bit on Castaway Shores last night, though, and have enough for two rather… um shocking .. chapters. Seems he's got some interesting .. um.. "luck" dynamics going on.. 🙂 … haha.

  6. Susan Rati Lane

    Haha! Yes, I'm eager to see any updates to your challenges, but it seems like you ("you" meaning "me") get one week where you're too busy to do anything and all of a sudden you lose control of all of them for weeks :).

    This blog and the ISBI are pretty easy to post to once I get rolling, but the Samples take a lot of effort. It's hard to do either of the other while I'm focusing on that one. And I'm very close to be being ready to play Generation 6. Since I only really need to play through Generation 8, I am starting to believe I might actually FINISH that legacy. It's very exciting.

  7. Susan Rati Lane

    I waited to reply to this so that I could look up the link to the world I'm using for Waypoint. I'm using a modified version of Sunlit Tides with dive lots and extra fish spawners in the ocean. It was created by tahitigamer on the NRaas forums, who probably has other aliases and other work (since this was so nice), but I only know her on that forum.

    I have to say that I think Sunlit Tides so far is the most beautiful world I've played in. I can't comment on the premade residents or most of the buildings because I sort of deleted them :). But as a deserted tropic island it is amazing.

    If you're curious, here's the link:

  8. bookabetlegacy

    Sorry that it took me so long to get around to reading this. Let me just say that I'm vey stressed at work right now and quite frankly worried about my job! Things don't look good for my library service at the moment and I all my spare time is spent looking for a new job. Not the best!

    Anyway. I'm really happy for Echo and Jesse. I'm actually starting to think that even if Terrence magically came back into her life, Echo is a different person now. She and Jesse have been through an experience together that will profoundly change a person and I think they are simply meant to be. Also, Rose is such a pretty girl! I hope she'll find someone to love …

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