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Monthly Archives: December 2013

1.14 Another Try

Night passed, and the morning dawned foggy and gray. Still Roselyn hasn’t returned. I started to worry about her. Sure, we hadn’t SEEN anything terribly dangerous on this island, but that didn’t mean a young girl out alone wouldn’t find something. Or fallen from a cliff in the dark. I didn’t say anything to Timi … Continue reading »

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1.13 Mean Girl

When Timi recovered, he couldn’t stop talking about what he’d seen. A merman! A real merman! At least, that’s what he said. I didn’t know what to think. He’d been in pretty bad shape when he dragged into the camp. He could have hallucinated it. But something went very wrong when he talked to the … Continue reading »

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1.12 Shark Bite

In spite of myself, I had to admit that I was happy. And maybe a little bit loopy. I think Timi has found something dangerous in his underwater salvage expeditions. He came home very late one night. His suit was torn and he was bleeding. I was so upset to see him that way that … Continue reading »

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