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1.12 Shark Bite

Posted by on December 2, 2013

In spite of myself, I had to admit that I was happy.

And maybe a little bit loopy.

I think Timi has found something dangerous in his underwater salvage expeditions.

He came home very late one night. His suit was torn and he was bleeding.

I was so upset to see him that way that I barely listened to him when he tried to tell me about what he’d found.

He was so excited about something that he was barely talking sense. I think he might have been hallucinating from blood loss.

It was frightening.


This fellow is the only mermaid that generated for the game. I’m annoyed, and I’m going to consider it acceptable to add more mermaids to the “mermaid household” as per Twallan’s instructions.

Echo is a Gatherer, and she should be able to gather a lot of high-value minor pets, but very few of them seem to spawn on the island. I’ve added all the spawners from all the expansions someplace in the world, and this is still the first minor pet Echo has found. Fortunately, it was a rare turtle :).

0 Responses to 1.12 Shark Bite

  1. amhranai

    Aww, a turtle 🙂 And it's nice to see some of the snorkeling action, since I don't have this expansion pack. Adding more mermaids to the world sounds perfectly fine to me, considering that the game only gave you one.

  2. bookabetlegacy

    Thank goodness Timi is ok after his brush with the scary shark! He's a brave one … more excited about the mermaid than the fact that he could have died!

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