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1.15 Simple Gifts

Posted by on January 10, 2014

Now that Samuel is more comfortable in our camp, he has started exploring all over the island by himself.

He made one really startling discovery.

People must have lived here at some time, long ago. Perhaps prospectors? The structure could is clearly decades old and might even be as old as a century.

What it does have is piles of old ancient scrap metal. We have a source of metal!

When Jesse isn’t keeping the camp so clean it would pass military inspection, he is creating beautiful, wistful art of his homeland.

I’m sad to say that while Roselyn has been better behaved overall, she and Timi are still oil and water.

One evening after a long diving expedition, Timi caught me alone in the barracks. He looked shy and almost embarrassed.

He said that without me, everyone in the camp might be dead or worse. He wanted me to have a token of what I mean to the refugees here.

It’s a coin he found in a sunken pirate chest. It’s breathtaking.

He gave it to me on his birthday. It seems so wrong that he had such an amazing gift for me, but I didn’t have anything to give him.

And I didn’t want to even think about it until I was sure, but now I am.

I’m pregnant.


Outtake: Timi really got it bad for his age up outfit.

0 Responses to 1.15 Simple Gifts

  1. HunkyJoon

    Wooooooooow, that actually hurts my eyes.

  2. Susan Rati Lane

    I know, right? The blazer came with the University expansion. Ick.

  3. bookabetlegacy

    I know castaways have to make do with what they find, but those shorts are ridiculous! Ouch!

    Aww! First island born baby. I hope all goes well without modern medicine to keep Echo safe. I also hope that certain dead pirates don't turn up seeking their treasure back. That coin looks suspiciously like the one on the Pirates of the Caribbean!

  4. amhranai

    Ooooooh, I'm so sorry – I completely missed your new chapters here! But I'm here now, and off to read the next two chapters. Hopefully, the baby will be there by the end of those. 😉

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