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1.18 Life for the Moment

Posted by on April 10, 2014

Everyone helps with Wesley. It means a lot to me.

Even Roselyn, though she doesn’t talk about it much. There’s a look of such longing in her eyes when she looks at him.

I’m getting a lot more sleep than I expected to.

Our little tame puppy grew into an amazing dog.

We had one terrifying evening when the wood stove went up in flames. Jesse acted very quickly. I think it’s the first time I really saw the soldier he was in his other life.

After that, I think we all felt just how mortal we are.

Roselyn really went on a rampage for days. I’m not sure what set her off.

Wesley was terrified by the fire, and it was a long time before he really felt safe. It was probably useful in the end, though. We didn’t need to yell at him to stay away from fire

Jesse is so sweet with his son that it brings tears to my eyes. I think he was made to be a father.

Samuel also got into taking care of Wesley.

He built him a little cow toy from metal scraps.

Wesley loved it, and Samuel was so proud of himself.

When I’m with Wesley, I can let out an inner child that doesn’t get much outlet in our hard work to live here.

Who knew that being a mother actually could make you feel younger?


After a system crash and a mad playing/posting spree on my primary legacy The Samples, I’m back here on Waypoint. I’ve been playing a lot in the last few days, so there’s plenty to catch up on.


Apparently, the bathtub thinks that Samuel is an adult. Hmmm….

9 Responses to 1.18 Life for the Moment

  1. bookabetlegacy

    I think the birth of Wesley has really turned this unit of very different sims into a family. He belongs to all of them and it's lovely to see. Even Roselyn sims slightly better … with him anyway!

    Moonshine's creator is so talented! Such a beautiful dog!

    Also, where did you get that gorgeous sand castle? I want!

  2. Susan Rati Lane

    The simmer who created Moonshine is the same one who created Enigma. She has dozens more on her Exchange studio, or she did at the time I downloaded Moonshine. If you ever want to introduce a really gorgeous and authentic-looking dog into your dog legacy, you need look no further.

    I don't have the link handy, but I think I might've already linked to this dog (African wild dog), and I know I linked to the wolf I used for Enigma. I'm sure I can find it, provided the account is still up.

    At the other extreme, apparently Calista of Calista's Crazy Colorful Cats also has a dog page.

  3. alphatoxicology

    Ok, just read this whole thing, and it was AWESOME! I can't wait to see how it turns out! It kind of puts me in the mind of Taken…anyway, I really enjoy it so far.

    Side note…I couldn't help but notice Echo's tattoo. Is this accurate to real life?

  4. Susan Rati Lane

    Hee! Thank you! I need to get back to updating this. I played for HOURS one weekend (something I usually don't get to do), and I have a lot of backlogged stuff to post about.

    Echo's tattoo is a simplified one of the one I've been planning to get for 10 years. I started out trying to design something too complex. Now I think maybe Echo's is essentially what I want to do — a nice peach rose. Peach roses are kind of my signature flower :).

  5. DragonWife

    So many people have shown up since the last time I read! What an exciting island they're building!

  6. Susan Rati Lane

    Hey, your comment should serve as a reminder to update here. I've played some more. I just get bogged down in the posting!

  7. commonthistle

    Caught up on this one now, is there going to be more? I have to keep telling myself I don’t need to start this challenge…

    • Echo Weaver

      Hello! Thank you for reading!

      This challenge isn’t abandoned. It’s just been on hiatus. I’ve been trying hard to finish my Pinstar legacy. I don’t know that it’s really going any faster, though :). I’d love to return to this one.

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