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Author Archives: Echo Weaver

1.10 Letting Go

We really are starting to feel more like a family. Rosalyn continues to worry me. Last night, she convinced herself there was a zombie underneath her bed trying to grab her and pull her under. The effects were… dramatic. I was up with her half the night, trying to calm her down. Timi’s still spending … Continue reading »

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1.9 Friction

In my more romantic moments, I think of us as a big family, but we’re kind of a dysfunctional one. You can hardly be surprised. Most of us have lost our loved ones, and we’re all cut off from our people. One evening, Adelle and Jesse had an enormous fight. I don’t know what it … Continue reading »

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1.8 Growing

Timi has built himself a boat. I’m as impressed as you are. We now share enough language to talk about simple things, but I’m still not clear if he has a nautical background or if he just figured it out on his own. It’s possible he built up the design from first principles. Even with … Continue reading »

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1.7 Top of the World

Since I somehow washed up on and island and made a life for myself, the same thing could happen to Terrence, right? He’s probably living his own life someplace that would be painfully close if we only knew about each other. Each of us, living our our lives separately, but joined in our hearts. I … Continue reading »

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1.6 Comforts

His name is Timi. He puts up a brave face, but I don’t think he’s more than 14 or 15. Barely more than a child. He didn’t need much persuasion to stay. He seemed so lost when we found him. Whatever he was doing in his previous life, it didn’t involve outdoor skills. While I … Continue reading »

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1.5 Refuge

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to have a friend when you’ve gone without one for so long. I’m supporting us primarily on forage. On an island like this, it’s all we need to keep us pretty comfortable. One of the few possessions Adelle had with her was a notebook and pencil. She spends … Continue reading »

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1.4 Home

She was gone the next morning, but I hoped she’d be back again. I hoped so much that I made a salad to sit out while I was gone. It would be almost like eating as civilized people. She doesn’t have anywhere else to go, does she? It’s time for her to have a home. … Continue reading »

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1.3 Communication

Sometimes this kind of life isn’t too bad. When I don’t think about Terrance and the rest of my crew, I can get to enjoy it. Other times, I really miss my old life. Tropical rains are one of those times. The plus part is that the drenching as a sort of halfhearted shower. It … Continue reading »

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1.2 Habitation

I guess this piece of beach is my home. It’s getting to feel familiar. There are still crates of supplies from my ship washing ashore. Almost everything has a little something I can use. You do what you can to fill the time. Wait! Don’t leave! Let me talk to you! ———- I’ve done some … Continue reading »

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1.1 Necessary Steps

It didn’t take long to be sure that nobody was coming for me. I felt like I should be setting huge bonfires to burn all night, flashing mirrors during the day, shouting at the ocean. But I had to admit that, deep down, even if it worked I was terrified of who might find me. … Continue reading »

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